TDF Lifeline Campaign:
Protect Today, Rebuild Tomorrow.

One day, social distancing will be a thing of the past. Once again, we'll be able to come together in person to experience the thrill of live entertainment.

For 52 years TDF’s mission has been to bring the transformative power of the performing arts to everyone, including students, individuals with physical or developmental disabilities, veterans, folks with limited financial means and many others. More than two million people a year enjoy theatre, dance and music because of TDF. Unfortunately, the closure of all performance venues has eliminated our biggest streams of revenue, and threatens our ability to operate the programs you depend on.

Share with Family & Friends!

Help TDF continue to make the performing arts accessible to all by forwarding this email or sharing TDF’s donation link on social media.

The TDF staff is working hard and creatively to do what it must to survive this difficult period so that we can be there for you when the theatres reopen. Read a message from our Executive Director, Victoria Bailey.

Giving FAQS

Other Ways to Support TDF

Make Your Own TDF Fundraising Page. It’s EASY!

Go to TDF’s Facebook Page. Click on Create Fundraiser. Choose a goal amount, an end date for your campaign and a title for your fundraiser. Write a brief description about why you are raising money for TDF, add a cover photo and press create.

Now your friends can donate!

Join TDF Now. Play Later!

Encourage your eligible friends and family to join TDF TODAY. Our Join Now, Play Later sale means new members pay just $30 for the first year, and the clock starts the day Broadway reopens. Let them know about this offer by forwarding this email or sharing this link on social media.

Donate Your Income Tax Refund and Make a World of Difference!

Contribute your entire refund, or divide it into thirds: spend some, save some and give some to TDF!

Purchase Tickets to a Show to Watch Online from Home.

We may not be able to attend the theatre at the moment, but you can still enjoy live performance online. Log in to your TDF account and click the Online & Streaming category filter to see what's available. We're adding new shows all the time.

Thank you in advance for your support!